Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Twists and Turns in Wisconsin

By Lisa Pease
April 12, 2011

I’m still mulling over the recent Wisconsin election in general and the actions of Waukesha County’s County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus in particular.

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lokywoky said...

Might want to pay some attention to the results in Milwaukee County - I read recently that they are even more fishy than Waukesha if that's even possible. But Milwaukee is being obscured by all the 'happenings' in Waukesha.

Hmmm - wonder if that's deliberate.....

Shutterwi said...


Good article. With that said I have concerns with this statement.

The right thing to do here, regardless of the margin of victory, is to do a full hand recount of Waukesha County’s ballots. According to the Wisconsin Secretary of State’s information, voters voted on paper ballots that were then optically scanned.

Rather than running those ballots through a computer, I and others who care about the integrity of our vote, no matter where we live, would love to see a hand count of all the ballots in that county. If the results hold up, fine.

IMO the Waukesha County’s ballots are a false flag, a magician's sleight of hand ...watch here while I do my magic out of site.

For the reasons you spell out in the article. We ALL need to count ALL of the votes in the state.

IMO the real votes were stolen by flipping votes throughout the state a few here a few there all within the margin of error.

All of the historical voting records creates a road map of where to flip votes on April 5, 2011 with the best chance of not being detected.

IMO there were two problems for the incumbent one the large turn out and two they didn't flip enough votes the first time. Just 300-500 more flipped votes and it would have been a done deal for the incumbent.

Loosing by 200 created a problem.
They needed to go back to the well.

A recount in Waukesha County can "give up" 7000 votes in and audit and the incumbent still wins.

They (she) takes a slap on the hand. The incumbent "wins" and they avoided a free statewide recount. The fear all along is a statewide recount.

Just like Florida in 2000 that's what they DON'T want That is what they want at all cost to avoid.

Remember when all of Florida's votes were recount Gore won. Flordia's Katherine Harris in 2000 has morphed into Wisconsin's Kathy Nickolaus in 2011.

Wisconsin goes down in the history books as the 2011 republican stolen election. Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, Wisconsin 2011.

Ann Marie said...
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Anonymous said...

When I spoke with an attorney regarding my concern that Kathy was using her personal computer, he corrected this saying that it was a county PC, not her personal computer. An important detail that should be corrected in the media.

Eric said...

Wisconsin ballots are marked on paper by hand with a #2 pencil, then optically scanned to tabulate the votes. If a recount is needed, the original ballots are still available for a hand count. This is not the touch-screen voting that can be easily gimmicked with the flip of a switch. Furthermore, ballots are stored for several years following an election. While the kind of chicanery that occurred with the Access database is rather easy, fake numbers cannot stand up to a hand recount.

I work as an election inspector in Milwaukee and haave observed these procedures firsthand. In that time, I have never seen PCs used in conjunction with the paper ballots or optical scanners. Something is, indeed fishy in Waukesha, and manipulating votes in Wisconsin is not as easy as Shutterwi assumes.