Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outrage Mounts over Bradley Manning

By Kevin Zeese
April 14, 2011

The eight months of solitary confinement of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning at the Quantico brig has drawn national and international criticism in the last week. Support is growing for him around the world with 500,000 writing President Barack Obama in the last few days and with hundreds of top U.S. legal scholars criticizing his conditions of confinement.

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James Young said...

Translation: The usual suspects of the moonbat Left continue to whine about a traitor.

Anonymous said...

the question has always been improperly phrased. it isn't "do we as the great unwashed have the right to know?" no government worthy of its filthy undergarmets could answer with other that a militaristic and resounding "NO" to such absurdity. but the question is: "do you have the right to keep it from me?" and if your government answer is "of course" then from whence came that right?

strefanash said...

Outrage mounts over Manning?

About time too. The lawlessness of the USA is destroying its own reputation.

The man has not been charged but this does not stop criminals like Obama and his minions from breaking American law.

America the leader of the free world? It is not even a member of the free world