Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bush's Mafia Whacks the Republic

By Robert Parry
June 20, 2007

In years to come, historians may look back on U.S. press coverage of George W. Bush’s presidency and wonder why there was not a single front-page story announcing one of the most monumental events of mankind’s modern era – the death of the American Republic and the elimination of the “unalienable rights” pledged to “posterity” by the Founders.

The historians will, of course, find stories about elements of this extraordinary event – Bush’s denial of habeas corpus rights to a fair trial, his secret prisons, his tolerance of torture, his violation of Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches, his “signing statements” overriding laws, the erosion of constitutional checks and balances.

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jphamilton said...

Everyone should read 'War Is A Racket' by Maj Gen Smedley D. Butler, USMC, Ret.

profmarcus said...

mr. parry... if you wrote about nothing else but this from now on, i would not blame you for a minute... the more i observe, read, deduce, and put the puzzle pieces together, the more i realize that the bush regime's wholesale negating of the united states constitution and the establishment of an authoritarian state is the single most dangerous event of modern times... it needs to be shouted from the rooftops, it needs a paul revere sounding the alarm, it needs the loudest, most credible voices pounding it home every day until people pay attention... i appreciate more than i can say your efforts in this regard... and, as the old maxim says, politics makes strange bedfellows, i have been following ever more closely the writings of paul craig roberts... at least there are a few who see what is REALLY going on...

mike-newbie and oldie said...

Can I please just ask if anything can be done about the price in UK of Robert Parry's books. I have everything by M.Moore and G.Palast but Secrecy & Privilege, and Lost History, are priced at over 20 UK pounds each (AmazonUK) which is out of my reach.

chris weagel said...

Excellent writing as always.

Any idea why, outside of, the larger liberal blogoland ignores most of what you do?

They largely seem to publish endless comments about the empty mainstream media, but rarely comment or promote independent work like yours?

Am I missing something?

mickrenner said...

One note on "the fear and anger generated by the 9/11 attacks so overwhelm the judgment of Americans."
Since the destruction of the three WTC buildings was clearly the result of explosive demolition, it's pretty certain that future historians will have a lot to chew over. Many will probably compare it to the Reichstag fire in 1933.