Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sen. Levin's False History & Logic

By Robert Parry
June 21, 2007

If you’re wondering why the Iraq War is likely to continue indefinitely despite mounting public outrage and a failed military strategy, part of the answer can be found in two words: Carl Levin.

Levin, a low-key Michigan Democrat who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, has wedded himself to a line of thinking that is both historically wrong and logically unsound. Yet, his faulty reasoning, if maintained, virtually guarantees that George W. Bush will keep winning every war-funding round with Congress through the end of his presidency.

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josh said...

Maybe the reason mainstream "journalists" haven't called Bush for what he is stems from the fact that real, sincere journalists, like Robert Parry have been unwilling to see 911 for what it was.

Yeah, he's heard about conspiracy theories that suggest there was insider knowledge, or maybe read one of the de-bunkers books like those of Popular Mechanics, but being conservative and careful by nature, he doesn't want to associate himself publicly with any of those "nuts."

Yet has he read anything by David Ray Griffin, on the flaws, weaknesses, obfuscations, and downright deceptions found in the 911 Commission study? Well, if he has, he isn't saying so publicly.

So, what's the point of knowing that 911 was a false-flag operation, that WTC 1, 2, and 7 were all brought down by explosives, not fires and jets? Why does it matter if this was Bush's Reichstag fire? Why should he acknowledge that the whole charade was predicated on a lie, when he can find plenty of "regular" lies and deceptions without having to associate with the 911 kooks?

Yet, he's still scratching his head about the media's failure to catch the crumbling of the Republic, a subtle change that doesn't directly affect the vast majority in daily life (for the present).

Truth is, Mr. Parry can't see the reality in front of his face when he looks at a website like
or when he reads things like accounts of engineers who swear that no steel buildings could have ever fallen as they did on 911 at:

Maybe when Mr. Parry openly acknowledges these crimes will people understand that the whole Bush system is built on a castle of lies, that the entire time we're living in is a fraud, from the elections of 2000 and 2004, to 911, to the wars for oil, to the crumbling of the Republic, maybe then people will start to get what's going on here.

ETSpoon said...

Monday on by blog I wrote:
"I can't begin to remember how many times over the past four years I've said or written that the United States will never leave Iraq until and unless either one of two events happen: Either a battlefield defeat of American forces in detail, meaning high U.S. casualties followed by a mass surrender, and considering the weapons and training of the Iraqi "insurgents," whoever they may be at any given time, a high unlikely scenario; or a general mutiny of all, or at the very least a sizable majority, army and marine units now in Iraq."

Face it, the United States has willfully involved itself in a longterm military occupation of a county whose people do not want us there. Even if the elelctions in '08 are not rigged, niether President Clinton, President Obama or even President Edwards will get US troops out of Iraq.

At this time, the only option I can see for the suspension of the American Iraqi occupation is the bankruptcy of the federal government.

Face, Robert, we are governed by small men and women with small ideas and no vision for the future. A civilization cannot long exist in that state.