Monday, June 18, 2007

How Not to Counter Terrorism

By Coleen Rowley & Other Intelligence Veterans
June 18, 2007

Given the effort that many of us have put into suggestions for reform, how satisfying it would be, were we able to report that appropriate correctives have been introduced to make us safer. But the bottom line is that the PR bromide to the effect that we are “safer” is incorrect. We are not safer. What follows will help explain why.

Wrong-headed actions and ideas had already taken root before that Senate hearing on June 6, 2002. Post 9/11 dragnet-detentions of innocents, official tolerance of torture (including abuse of U.S. citizens like John Walker Lindh), and panic-boosting color codes, had already been spawned from the mother of all slogans—“The Global War on Terror”—rhetorically useful, substantively inane. GWOT was about to spawn much worse.

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EvilPoet said...

BushCo's godly stay the course foreign policy causes the reversed midas touch effect: the almighty Commander Guy went to the Middle East to spread peace and the Middle East ended up in pieces. If you're building a faith-based military industrial complex this is a perfect strategy. Bomb the shit out of a country and then send in humanitarian aid and award reconstruction contracts. In this case, it seems to have also worked well on the domestic front. Which begs the question - is this a just war or just a crusade?