Monday, July 30, 2007

NYT's New Pro-War Propaganda

By Robert Parry
July 30, 2007

No need to wait until September. It’s already obvious how George W. Bush and his still-influential supporters in Washington will sell an open-ended U.S. military occupation of Iraq – just the way they always have: the war finally has turned the corner and withdrawal now would betray the troops by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

At one time, the Iraq story line was how many schoolrooms had been painted or how well the government security forces were doing. Now there are new silver linings being detected that will justify a positive progress report in September – and the U.S. news media is again ready to play its credulous part.

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Jim O said...

I credit the Times for running "A War We Just Might Win", but wonder why we have to learn the surge is working in an Op-Ed. I hope it shames the news desk into asking its reporters in Iraq, "Any truth to this?"

MOT said...

Any "truth" to it? I recall reading an article long ago by someone who worked as some sort of PR agent while in Iraq. They, this particular group, routinely and creatively "edited" stories for a so-called positive slant. These dispatches often were the work of some military garbage and fed to the "news" organizations (with sufficient monetary motivation attached) with little or no changes .

If these purported "journalists" are taking the easy-street attitude then they'll simply be working around the cut-and-paste propaganda before quickly scurrying off for a cold brewski. Otherwise they're simply embedded shills... tantamount to the "1st New York Times Disinformation Brigade"