Friday, August 03, 2007

Hillary's Nuclear 'Tough-Gal-ism'

By Robert Parry
August 3, 2007

For years now – arguably for decades – the dominant ideology of Washington has been what could be called “tough-guy-ism,” which usually consists of politicians and pundits competing for the most belligerent pose on any given foreign policy issue.

Sometimes the results can be comical, with arm-chair warriors who have never been near a real battlefield spouting military jargon and threatening America’s “enemies.” Other times, the consequences can be tragic, as when the Washington Rambos get their way and send someone else or someone else’s kids off to kill or be killed in a misguided war.

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is now indulging in what might be called “tough-gal-ism” as she berates rival contender Barack Obama for allegedly showing his inexperience by not brandishing nuclear weapons against possible al-Qaeda targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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MOT said...

There is a "myth" promulgated by mass-moron-media that somehow women would be more diplomatic or sensitive in how they deal with others in the world. Thats a joke! Both Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi could be as nasty and vindictive as any man. Which only goes to show that politicians, irregardless of sex, are dangerous, power hungry, animals.

Kiku said...

I don't want to generalize about women, but some women are comfortable being combative. I do see Hillary being especially comfortable with war. I've posted a list of her actions wrt the military at: