Thursday, August 02, 2007

Collapsing Bridges vs. War in Iraq

By Stephen Crockett
August 3, 2007

The kind of money being spent by the Bush Republicans can result in saved or lost lives.

We all can see the results in the case of Iraq. Launching his optional war against Saddam Hussein, in the way he did, Bush has directly cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and maybe a hundred thousand mostly innocent Iraqi civilians. We have failed as a nation to come to terms with the massive costs that are less direct and obvious but just as real.

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Earthship Biotecture for New Orleans

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Anonymous said...

The collapsing bridge is only a sign of the inner rot within the nation as a whole. I for one don't justify spending trillions of forced tax payers money by comparing one sort of theft next to another.

The fact that this robbery goes on in a far deeper, across the board, is a symptom of this moral cancer. Would that government stick to the most basic, and minimalist of functions, but thats not its nature. Its nature is defined by the corrupt people who inhabit and enable it.