Monday, April 28, 2008

Fastened to a Dying Animal

By Phil Rockstroh
April 29, 2008

Here in this crumbling empire once known as the American Republic, here in a nation that, at present, for all practical purposes, only produces Cheetos and killer drones, whose architecture is being winnowed down to thriving rural meth houses and foreclosed upon suburban mchouses, whose corrupt corporate culture has bequeathed upon our suffering planet dying oceans and the hyper-caffeinated tsunami of Red Bull Capitalism -- the essential question confronts us -- how does one retain (not retail) one's humanity amid the catastrophic machinery and inane accouterment of our age?

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Annamarie Deneen said...

Phil Rockstroh's piece is hard-hitting and compellingly honest. It is a stark contrast to the vapid pap spewed by the corporate mandarins, their government puppets and their obeisant mainstream media shills. Thank you for posting it. Americans should heed Rockstroh's warning, but I doubt that many will come out of their apathetic vacuity to listen:
America, many shocks and sorrows are coming soon (probably sooner than you think) to that vacuous bubble known as "your way of life."... Indeed!