Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Right's America-Hating Preacher

By Robert Parry
May 2, 2008

One of the advantages that the American Right has achieved from investing tens of billions of dollars in media – from talk radio and cable TV, to print and the Internet – is the ability to define what is and what isn’t a “scandal,” a powerful factor in determining who wins national elections.

By comparison, American progressives have short-changed their own investments in media. The disparity leads to the spectacle of Democratic presidential candidates submitting to questioning on Fox News while no one would expect a Republican leader to undergo interrogation from, say, the DailyKos.

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Anonymous said...

Reading this article brings me to ask a question regarding Rove's connection with the Moon 'teachings' and tactics. These tactics sound quite familiar to the way Rove has been operating within the right wing. Anyone else see the same thing?