Saturday, May 03, 2008

'Beware the Terrible Simplifiers'

By Bill Moyers
May 3, 2008

“Everyone,” he said. “Everyone sees what’s happening through the lens of their own experience.”

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Anonymous said...

Jim says:

Bill, I agree with most of your assessments BUT, just where does this continuing hate and animosity lead African-Americans? Anywhere good?

Anonymous said...

Bill, What you see to forget is that, unlike the "white preachers," Jeremiah Wright has been Barack Obama's mentor for the past twenty years. Believe me, I have no interest in any preachers, but it does tell me a lot when someone proclaims his/her religiosity. When the church tried to tell me stuff I knew was nonsense, I left. Do you seriously believe that Barack Obama counseled with Jeremiah Wright for TWENTY years, but didn't know the extent of his views? Therein lies the problem. Lies. Barack Obama has lied to the American people. I thought he was above that. That's why I was willing to support him and promote his to my friends. But now I know that Jeremiah Wright was right. Barack Obama is just another politician. said...

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