Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Bush's and Hitler's Appeasement

By Robert Parry
May 18, 2008

The irony of George W. Bush going before the Knesset and mocking the late Sen. William Borah for expressing surprise at Adolf Hitler’s 1939 invasion of Poland is that Bush’s own family played a much bigger role assisting the Nazis.

If Borah, an isolationist Republican from Idaho, sounded naïve saying “Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided,” then what should be said about Bush’s grandfather and other members of his family providing banking and industrial assistance to the Nazis as they built their war machine in the 1930s?

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James Young said...

I don't know why one would attribute eh views/visit ths sins of the fathers on their sons (or grandsons) unless one were merely trying a cheap political smear, but I guess the difference would be that the President has learned the lessons of history, while those about whom he was speaking --- all self-identified, since the speech --- have not.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer. Big Time. Whereas Obama has only advocated diplomacy. G Dub should apologize for his grandfather if he has learned anything.

Bill from Saginaw said...

Isn't it just possible that Prescott the Bonesman maintained those ties to the Nazi industrial establishment even after 1941 with the approval of OSS - the forerunner of the CIA?

That scenario would make some sense (he would have been a highly placed asset, providing reliable, sensitive insiders' information about Hitler's war making capacity). Later, when events blew that cover and the business's assets were confiscated by the federal government for trading with the enemy (yet nobody got bankrupted, apparently) the Bush family landed on his feet with all tacitly forgiven in the post-WW II world.

Perhaps there were no domestic political repercussions as a result of this documented history because Prescott was a gentleman spy - like father, like son, as the old saying goes.

Which is not to say the Bush family weren't war profiteers, too. They just covered both ends. Sort of like hedge fund managers do today, and many rich folks with connections to high places have always done.

Now of course I can no more prove any of this speculation about Prescott's dealings with the Nazis than I can prove George H W Bush's oil ventures in Texas were mainly a CIA front that served as his springboard to bigger and better things - like shifting from an ambassadorship to being named Director of the CIA (yet with no intelligence background?).....

Bill from Saginaw

Now of course

Anonymous said...

Good lord! I've known about W's grandpappy, Prescott, since before he was selected the first time around, and have been in a perpetual state of rage ever since, wondering when Granddad's Nazi complicity would be unveiled, and it is just now beginning to emerge? It was on Google and any other search engine available. It's a little late now to expose this, since the Chimpster is on his way out (praise...whoever). This, accompanied by incontrovertible data on his AWOL shenanigans and myriad other, some treasonous, crimes being exposed in a timely manner in 2000, could have, perhaps, saved our country from this Vale of Tears in which we now find ourselves.