Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bush's 'War Crimes' and Misdemeanors

By Robert Parry
May 22, 2008

Facing a tough reelection fight in 2004, George W. Bush expressed outrage over leaked photos showing U.S. military police at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison abusing detainees, who were paraded naked before female guards, threatened by attack dogs, chained in “stress positions” and forced to wear ladies underpants on their heads.

President Bush assured the American people that he “shared a deep disgust that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated.” Other administration officials pinned the blame on a “few bad apples” and dismissed the prison guards’ claim that they were told to “soften up” the detainees for interrogation.

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Wirchley said...

To really understand the Bush Presidency let me encourage you to read a couple books. THE TERROR TIMELINE by Paul Thompson (Harper-Collins) shows the context of the events leading to 9/11 and all the fore warnings the Bushies had before the attacks occured. Israel, Jordan, France, Egypt, Russia all warned the Administration. Even Robert Baer of Syriana fame warned them.
The new book from Philip Shenon of the New York Times shows the extent the Bushies went to ignore the warnings coming in. The acting head of the FBI jumped in Ashcrofts' face to protest the inaction of the Justice Department.
You've got to read these books! THANKS

Free Graner said...

It doesn't matter what those books say... the bottom line is that Bush lied to the country, and let the 7 MPs suffer for HIS actions. Charles Graner is still sitting in a prison cell, while Bush walks around free! When Bush decided to become our country's leader, he should have accepted the responsiblity of being a leader. In my opinion, his is simply a coward, who hides behind lies, and lets people that he doesn't even know take responsibility for his decisions and actions. How dare he lie to "save his own face" and ruin the reputations of those soldiers who were following his orders. (remember, in the military if you don't follow orders, you get sent to prison...) This holds true for the members of his administration as well. Those soldiers deserve an apology (at the minimum) as well as their lives back. No one seems to care about Bush and his admins, he'll leave after the next election, rich as ever, and that will be it... but what about the soldiers who will be struggling to get jobs because their reps have been ruined and now have felony charges? Oh, yeah, and remember, Charles Graner will still be sitting in that prison cell serving the rest of his sentence. It's an utter disgrace. My heart goes out to all the men and women who have given their lives to Bush's war of lies.

John Hatch said...

The lies and crimes of the Bush gang ar so astonishing in scope and number that I fear that his people will simply manufacture a pretext for canceling the election to remain in power indefinitely. Easily done under twisted legislation already in place.

If there is any chance that Bush/Cheney et al might face accountability for their double term of crminality, I can't see them risking it. Why not just commit one more crime or two?