Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bush's Endless Hypocrisy on Terror

By Robert Parry
May 21, 2008

Is a government guilty of terrorism if it harbors known terrorists? What should one say about a country that permits open fund-raising on behalf of a terrorist implicated in the mass killing of civilians?

What about a government that secretly arms a guerrilla army that wantonly kills and abuses civilians while seeking to overthrow an elected government?

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white eagle soaring said...

Although it seems quite remarkable that the Bush Crime Family helped the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, it is even more remarkable that at the same time, Zionists of Irgun, Stern and Haganah were working with Hitler under terms of the Ha'avara Transfer Agreement. Under this agreement the Jewish Zionists worked with the Gestapo to identify and deport German Jews to Palestine. Even when the war broke out, the blue and white Zionist flag flew over Berlin as German Jews and then Jews of other occupied nations were dispossessed and imprisoned at the host of concentration camps throughout Nazi-controlled territory.

Adolf Eichmann was one of the Nazis who worked side-by-side with the Zionists to set up training camps that later became labor camps when emigration was no longer possible. Fifteen years later, Eichmann was kidnapped and secreted out of South America for a trial in Israel that matched the show trials of Stalin and the post-war war crime Nuremberg Tribunals of the Allies.

What is so ironic is that the fascist right in the US has joined with the fascist left of the State of Israel in common cause once again. And nobody seems to have noticed.

Barbara Honegger said...

The Bush Presidents'
Hideous Litany of
Protecting, Appeasing and Negotiating with Terrorists

President Bush's speech to the Israeli parliament, in which he
said it would be 'appeasement' to talk 'with terrorists and radicals' (http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/05/20/bush.iran/#cnnSTCVideo),
is both grotesquely and cynically hypocritical:
- Remember the famous photo of the Saddam-Rumsfeld handshake?
President Bush's own Secretary of Defense previously met and talked
with Saddam Hussein, who, if you believe Mr. Bush, was the Ultimate Terrorist, so evil Mr. Bush had to attack and occupy his country to
prevent him from giving non-existent WMD to terrorists.
- President Bush's own father, George H.W. Bush personally met
and talked with -- even cut a treasonous arms-for-hostage-release-delay deal with -- the radical terrorist regime then holding 52 Americans hostages
in Iran, in the famous 'October Surprise' now proven by released
formerly classified documents
(see www.ConsortiumNews.com and
click on 'The October Surprise
- President Bush's own grand father, Prescott Bush, was a top functionary for some of Hitler's most powerful financial and industrial backers in the U.S. and Germany before and during WW II, commiting treason on such a scale that it was stopped only when the U.S. government seized the assets of Bush-connected companies in late 1942 under the “Trading with the Enemy Act -- see "The Bushes and Hitler's Appeasement" http://www.consortiumnews.com/2008/051808.html).
- President Bush's own father oversaw Oliver North during the Iran/Contra lawbreaking period when North worked with Cuban terrorist masterminds working with the CIA who blew up a civilian airliner in 1976 -- when Bush Sr. was head of the CIA -- and who have been protected from accountability for their terrorism by Bush Sr. and and now W. Bush ever since -- see "Bush's Endless Hypocrisy on Terror"
- President Bush's own administration is right now negotiating with the Libyan Qadaffi regime that blew up yet another civilian airliner, over Lockerbie, Scotland.
- And, as President Bush cynically knows, the 9/11 Commission Report is a Huge Official Lie, because his Admin. not only ensured the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks would happen, but happen spectacularly --
spectacularly enough, like Pearl Harbor, to guarantee public backing for his hideous Middle East and domestic executive-power-concentration agenda. (See all six books on the real facts about 9/11 by David Ray Griffin, at amazon.com, the first "The New Pearl Harbor" and the latest, just out in March, "9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Media.")
Look in the Mirror, Mr. Bush. You have seen the Real Terrorists,
and They are You -- You and Your Entire Bush Treason Family.
Barbara Honegger
Former Reagan White House Policy Analyst; Former official, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division; Author of the book "October Surprise" (Tudor, 1989; amazon.com); and Author of "The Pentagon Attack Papers"
(see www.patriotsquestion911.com, click on the 'Government,
Military and Intelligence' category, scroll to Honegger and click on the link to the paper (may be by an earlier title) in the text block to the right.)