Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bomb Iran? What's to Stop Us?

By Ray McGovern
June 19, 2008

Unlike the attack on Iraq five years ago, to deal with Iran there need be no massing of troops. And, with the propaganda buildup already well under way, there need be little, if any, forewarning before shock and awe and pox – in the form of air and missile attacks – begin.

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Unisky said...

Mr. McGovern is correct big time that the "Fawning Corporate Media" has in essence become a major censorship organ of the federal government by not providing valid and legitimate criticism in so many areas from foreign policy to domestic policy. The main stream media, primarily the television networks do not really have the responsibility or even obligation to inform the American people viewpoints and facts necessary to have a well functioning democracy.

Oversight and accountability by Congress has unfortunately become negligible. It appears we are living in a kind of modern feudalism with a Monarchy which is the presidency (with a vast and and practically unlimited office and security budget) and with the Congress functioning as the Nobility. The television press functions as Functoinaries that parrot the official line.

The American people seem to becoming mere Vassals with few rights and little direct input into the decision-making apparatus of government-that role is for professional lobbyists representing major industries. The Vassals are primarily on the sidelines enduring all the comes.

As far as Iran is concerned Mr. McGovern's analysis appears absolutely correct. We appear to be living in a weak democracy with a weak press pretending our democracy is vibrant and strong.

colbert2422 said...

The subversion of the House and Senate by the military industrial complex shows clearly in the description of Nancy Pelosi all over the internet as Nanny Warbucks, and the many articles on Feinstein/Blum war profiteering. No wonder Feinstein carried water for the white house on the Mukasy nomination.


for a potential solution.


Driver said...

The only reason the US may not attack Iran is that it can't follow through and occupy. It hasn't successfully occupied and controlled either Afghanistan or Iraq, and there are almost no US troops to secure the country. It's difficult to believe that China and Russia would not react and respond.

Unless chaos, death, and destruction are the only goals. That, I suppose, could be accomplished from the air.