Saturday, June 21, 2008

Top Dems Hand Bush Key Victories

By Jason Leopold
June 21, 2008

In November 2006 when Democrats won control of Congress for the first time in 12 years, Rep. Nancy Pelosi explained the significance behind the record voter turnout that helped shift the balance of power in Washington.

“People voted for change and they voted for Democrats who will take our country in a new direction,” Pelosi said during a victory speech in San Francisco on Nov. 8, 2006.

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fact checker said...

I just posted this @ Parry's article, but the same goes for you, Mr. Leopold. Or are you two just going to give Obama a pass on this, too, as usual?

So, Mr. Parry...where's the reporting that Obama supports this bill?

Mr. Change We Can Believe In has rolled over for the Dem power brokers.

I suggest you prepare an article pointing out Obama's willingness to adopt Richard Nixon's POV -- "if the president says it's legal, then it's legal."

Now, all the next president has to do is "write a note" giving permission to break the law, then it's legal.

This FISA amendment essentially gives unilateral powers to the Executive Branch.

Sat Jun 21, 09:27:00 AM 2008

farmgirlmusician said...

The current legal, foreign policy, and civil liberty fiasco that is the United States today isn't just the fault of the Bush Administration or the Democrats in Congress. It is the fault of EVERY AMERICAN WHO HAS BEEN COMPLACENT, ARROGANT, AND LAZY and LET it happen. A Presidency cannot carry out the atrocities which have been committed by the Bush Administration in a nation of vigilant citizenry. With little exception, we need to ALL stop pointing fingers at other people and turn those fingers upon ourselves.

farmgirlmusician said...

Addendum to my previous post:

This is not to say that elected officials should not be held accountable, as well as hold themselves accountable, to voters and to the law. I simply feel that the poor quality of our Government in recent years is a symptom of a much bigger problem - an overwhelming lack of good values and priorities in the American citizenry as a whole. When a woman I know won't donate a dime to a charity, but has no problem embellishing herself with a new hot tub, lavish trips, and a $5000 boob job, I hold out little hope for America or its Government. When a parent won't contribute any volunteer time to a charity, but will stand in line for 15-20 hours so that their already-spoiled child can have the latest toy on the market, I hold out little hope for America or its Government. When illegal immigrants are doing the majority of the grunt jobs in this country because they work like dogs and because with little exception American citizens, particularly the younger generation, wouldn't know how to do a hard day's work if their lives depended on it, I hold out little hope for America or its Government.

Until the core moral fiber of American citizens as a whole improves, how can we expect our elected officials to be any better, when this is the pool of people that our elected officials originate from?

farmgirlmusician said...

One last and final point (I promise):

The thing that I find most frightening is the uncanny number of parallels between the state of the Roman Empire and its citizens immediately before Rome fell and the United States and its citizens today. Rome too grew soft and lazy, full of its own self-importance. Rome began hiring mercenaries to fight its wars (as the U.S. is doing with Blackwater today). Rome had military activity spread at such extremes of its borders that the core of its empire was left inadequately defended and open to attack from outsiders. Rome, too, in its arrogance, thought itself invincible, incapable of falling.