Friday, October 31, 2008

Justice Department Balks on Ohio Vote

By Jason Leopold
October 31, 2008

Despite pressure from Ohio Republicans and President George W. Bush, the Justice Department has declined to intervene in a voter dispute in Ohio that could have purged at least 200,000 voters from registration rolls.

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Bob Locke said...

It's always Republicans who try to prevent people from voting, without even knowing if the voters would vote Republican or Democrat. Must be they consider it a pretty sure thing that they are in the minority.

In CA it's so much more civilized. I took my absentee ballot to the Registrar of Voters (no, I don't trust the mail) and signed it with first name, middle initial and last name, as always.

Came home and looked at my sample ballot which had the entire middle name. Called the Registrar's office and was assured this would not matter, that my signature there in the office was what they would match against.

In OH would I have been cast out? Certainly in 2004 when Kenneth Blackwell the Republican was Secretary of State, I would have been.

I guess in order to get this country running again we just have to get rid of ALL Republican control. They just can't be trusted to do the right thing, as more and more voters understand, and as more and more people register to vote, beginning to understand that we MUST take control back from the Republican Party.