Monday, October 27, 2008

The Logic of al-Qaeda's McCain Choice

By Ivan Eland
October 28, 2008

In the battle for endorsements in the presidential campaign, Barack Obama snared a strong nod from former Secretary of State Colin Powell – and John McCain received an equally strong recommendation from al-Qaeda.

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This seems to jump out out of nowhere so I posted some similar background links,

Anonymous said...

Then Majority leader Bill Frist was making a grim report on the additional Abu Ghraib photos Congress privately viewed, and was going to call for bipartisan detention reform. He was cut off the air by a news alert.

I and a friend were much inspired and awaked when we watched the largest peace demonstration in England right before the start of the Iraq War. It was cut off the air by a new bulletin.

When the peace march want back on the air my friend said "Why Don't they protest that?, referring to the information in the news bulletin.

Bush quotes Al Qaeda when he says the Iraq war was central. And supposedly bin Laden failed when he demanded Iraqi's not vote, and they voted anyway. But organizing around the theme that the war in Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism suddenly fizzled. Why didn't bin Laden demand that Afghans not vote, instead election workers disappeared into the night?

Doctors Without Border's Physicians were beheaded in Afghanistan, and so was Tom Fox a Quaker Activist, who went to Iraq to declare peace.

Anyway Nick Berg being beheaded distracted from detention reform, and bombings of the British Consulate in Turkey and two synagogues cut the British peace protest off the air.

On another subject obviously the stupidest thing Bush ever did was to tell Saddam "no" when Saddam asked to be able to leave Iraq and take the treasury with him and be assured of no war crimes trial. Bush realizing how stupid it was let Cheney make all the decisions from then on out, but lists of what Bush did wrong always leave this incident out. There is also what should be obvious details of the Kennedy Assassination that isn't talked about.

But all this is too huge to be conspiracy. There is something wrong with the human brain or the common vision we call reality that almost nothing can be perceived outside various versions a John Wane Movie, where good is at war with evil and even atheists persist in this delusion.

Once is the while obvious detail breaks the delusion of Good Fighting Evil, but as soon as the crisis is over the delusion gets reestablished.

What can be done? But throwing obvious facts out that Bush was standing up to bin Laden when he urged not to deface Muslim property, and aiding bin Laden's goal of uniting the Muslim world in war when he claimed he was fighting terror.

But the problem is not lack of facts. The problem is our brains and how this collective civilization processes reality.

What to do about it I'm not sure, but to realize that the problem is our collective reality, and how you fight evil is a start. I'm glad Charles Manson is alive rather than a lot of copy cat killings. I wish we would go out of our way with stunt-guns or something to make sure people engaging in murder suicide don't succeed.

I feel like piling on more detail, but people will drift back into seeing reality as a John Wane sequel as soon as it is convenient to do so.

The following link is by Adam Elkus, who seemed to loose interest in it when it didn’t catch on,