Wednesday, November 05, 2008

At the White House, an Obama Party

By Robert Parry
November 5, 2008

Around midnight, when the election outcome was clear, thousands of young people walked and skipped and ran to the north gates of the White House, celebrating not just the election of Barack Obama but the repudiation of George W. Bush.

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Bill Jones said...

So far I've seen no-one mention the single best reason to celebrate and Obama win: imagine how pissed the Clinton's must be.

fact checker said...

Bill Jones, I think the Clintons (not Clinton's) did a pretty good job of campaigning on Obama's behalf.

You and others can continue to hate the Clintons, but they happen to care about our country's future.

Your comment is rude and divisive. President-elect Obama would not be pleased with your attitude.

fact checker said...

Bill Jones -- Have you been reading about who Obama is selecting for his administration?

Seems to be a conspicuous number of former Clintonistas in the mix.

I doubt if the Clintons are pissed.

fact checker said...

BTW, a great pick for Obama's Energy Secretary would be Dr. Joseph Romm.

Pass the word everyone!!