Monday, November 03, 2008

Fear and Racism on the Campaign Trail

By Brian Barger
November 3, 2008

Visitors are greeted at the edge of Virginia’s Caroline County with a giant billboard proclaiming it “McCain Country.” It’s also become a call-to-canvassing priority for the Obama campaign, which sees this as a central battleground to win the swing state.

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fc said...

The word "constitution" was never heard in debates or stump speeches. To average Americans, cutting taxes is the most important (and probably the only?) solution to every problem. This makes one wonder why junior high students have to learn about the structure of the US government at all.

Anonymous said...

OOOh... the evil racists are at again? We're they dressed in White Tails, Dress Coat, and Top Hats?

What we ALL know is that Obama could only lose if there is a grand racist conspiracy.

You guys want donation? You've got to do better than the KKK bogeyman.

Grammar Gerty said...

First...why don't you correct this?

depending on who’s figures you believe

It should be: depending on whose figures you believe

Observer said...

While I think Obama is going to win, it is remotely possible that McCain could win.

Does that mean there are racists conspiring to derail a biracial man from attaining the Oval Office? Or that McCain has cheated to deny Obama from being the first biracial president?

No, I don't think so.

There are numerous explanations. But, one is that because Obama's supporters and surrogates have been so quick to accuse many who do not back him as being racists, that voters have told pollsters that, "sure, I'm all for Obama" because they didn't want to be maligned as bigoted or racists or KKK-types.

Obama's advisors had him play the race card from the beginning of his campaign when it was to his advantage. Unfortunately, that is one reason for all this incessant drumbeating of "fear and racism" as we come down to the wire.

Relax, he's going to win. All the polls say he will. If he doesn't, it's because his campaign implied anyone who was not for him is a racist.