Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama Shows the Future, the Past

By Michael Winship
November 7, 2008

Whether you’re Democrat, Republican or Mugwump, you look at Tuesday night’s remarkable election results and the nationwide reaction and can’t help but wonder at how far our young country has come – and, at the same time, how long it’s taken.

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Daniel P. Stevens said...

Thank you for the article. Very enlightening! The night after the election I woke up from a sound sleep, like many do, with clear insight into the causes of the religious right's and radical consevatism's demise and the victory for Obama. It started with a growning number of Reaganites and fundementalists who thought they knew what was best for the country. But by the time of the Clinton era they absolutely knew they were right and elevated their dogma into a political-religious-social movement to save the world in the name of Christ and Capitalism. That may have been enough of a problem, as history shows, but they decided that it was "war" and in war anything goes. So they set aside the Constitution and precedential law and pushed their agenda down the throats of an increasingly disgusted electoriate. They lied, cheated, stold elections, made up intelligence, ruined the reputations of dissenters, narrowed their world view to black and white (WHILE THE COLORED HUES OF DEMOCRACY WAS LOST) and invaded a weak country to steal their oil. In the end voters were insensed that they were ignored. They decried the millions left behind dead and injured around the world, at thousands within the country without any privacy left and a Christianity so abused and apostate that the Gospel became a Republican message with all the radical politics attached. The lesson from the last eight years?
Extreme dogma of any kind is dangerous, but particulaly so during times of crisis. History will not be kind to the Bush administration and its radical excesses at every level, but I believe historians will feel sorry for voters who were hoodwincked and abused from one end of the country to the other. Take a deep breath of the fresh air of democracy now coming from the rotten bodies left in DC. Tyranny dies hard but it always dies, after taking a lot of innocent victims with it.

Cole... said...

Why is it that Democrats grab onto the mantel of "bipartisanship" so quickly" They seem to forget the the other side of the bipartisan demonizes and expludes all who do not sign in to their loyalty oath!

Must be the money!

In politics 'tricle down' down works.