Monday, January 19, 2009

Historical Mystery of Bush's Presidency

By Robert Parry
January 20, 2009

After little more than two years of the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon resigned and his successor, Gerald Ford, famously declared, “our long national nightmare is over.” But the painful end game of Nixon’s presidency was nothing compared to the eight excruciating years of George W. Bush.

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Mark E. Smith said...

The Republic envisioned by our founders was in no sense democratic and the Constitution ensured that the ultimate power over government would never rest with the people. Although we are allowed to vote (but not for President and Vice-President, only the Electoral College can do that), our vote is not the final say in who takes office. That decision rests with Congress or, as in 2000, the Supreme Court. We can't even pick the nominees--the superdelegates of the political parties do that. In both 2000 and 2004, the President was sworn in before the popular vote was even counted. The Supreme Court stopped the count in 2000 but the ballots remained so we eventually learned that Gore had won. In 2004 many ballots were illegally destroyed so that we couldn't learn the truth again and can only infer it from the exit poll discrepancies and the obviously tampered-with ballots that did survive.

The Constitution also gave us no way to hold our elected officials accountable during their terms of office, their reign of power if you prefer. All we can do is ask them to hold themselves accountable. What are the chances of war criminals and those who voted for war crimes holding themselves accountable? What are the chances of the two major parties nominating anyone who is opposed to wars of aggression based on lies? Is the freedom to cast a symbolic and thus easily overridden vote for the war criminal of your choice, in any way indicative of a democratic Republic?

As for your statement that, "Bush’s political advisers and the right-wing media sensed the opportunity presented by the 9/11 crisis to strengthen their ideological hand," they must have been prescient, because they sensed it back in the sixties when they drew up the plans for Operation Northwoods, a false-flag operation where our military was going to attack American planes and blame it on Cuba as an excuse for war. The Patriot Act was also prepared long before 9/11.

Those of us who are not asleep, investigated our electoral system and found that nowadays it has been privatized and the votes are counted secretly inside computers, we looked at our Constitution and found that it never gave us power over our government or a way to hold it accountable, and we looked at 9/11 and found it to be a typical false-flag operation.

Robert Parry, I suggest you do at least a modicum of the research your average reader has done.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty thorough summation of the ordeal we have been through and why. Obama must at least condone investigations and punishments of members of the Dubya cabal, if not demand them, or we will not return to being the nation of laws and not men that we have always boasted that we are. His decisions and actions on the matter of accountability for illegal activities by his predecessor will be the ultimate measure of his presidency's success or failure. I have to believe that he is smart enough to know that and to see to it that justice is meted out to those who so richly deserve it.

I also suspect that there are thousands of Dubya cabalistas suffering with insomnia tonight; scared and prayerful that Dubya will sign blanket pardons for everyone involved in illegal activities during his terms of office. If that happens, and I still cannot believe that it won't, then Obama's course of action would have to shift to sponsoring a Constitutional amendment to severely curb presidential pardoning power, and THAT would be the measure of his presidency.

Anonymous said...

I for one have already suffered well over 8 years of pain at the hands of the Democrats and Main Stream Media. I can no longer even watch TV or listen to radio without excruciating pain. The only relief I have is the occasional article by some foreign journalist that dares to report the greatness in office that Bush has shown. As far as I’m concerned Obama has already caused me two years of pain with no relief in sight. His presidency is already a disaster, unless of course you are for America becoming a socialist state. Mr. Parry has been smoking some bad weed. Maybe he was once a competent journalist but he now appears to be a propagandist for the liberals. Do us all a favor Bobby and turn in your pencils before you hurt someone.
Mr. Smith gives me a glimmer of hope that there are some that have the critical thinking skills to debunk the unfounded claims of propagandists such as Mr. Parry. He appears to understand that the Constitution was purposely designed with man's failings in mind. He seems to loose it a bit, but with more thought he may get it. I’ve already wasted enough of my time on this dribble of Mr. Parry’s that is even unfit to use to line a birdcage.

Anonymous said...

Not many among the media identified or recognized the hidden source of the joy of millions at home and overseas. I can understand because the joy was coming from the deep collective subconscious of those who suffered through two elections that placed a man in the White House through nationwide, systematic and blatant fraud the likes of which the nation had never witnessed. I believe people all over the world were rejoicing because the 2009 Inaugural was the first legitimate one since Clinton's reelection for a second term.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sufferer (Anonymous):

I can only hope and pray, since I am a born-again Christian, you suffer eight years like I did under an incompetent fool who called himself a Christian and acted like the devil incarnate, leaving millions of dead men, women and children behind in his wake and a nation bankrupted by his runaway, free market nonsense. Get an education about current American history. I would die for your right to express personal opinion and the right to vote, but just remember this so-called president tried to silence all his critics and stold the votes of more than six million minorities - - all in the name of the Prince of Peace.

freedom lover said...

Dear Mr. parry: You are a great Person and I congratulate America for having you. America needs more people like you to deny any person like "W" to be its leader,otherwise, so long as America exists, Rush "limbaugh" will have listeners and will sign millions of dollars contracts for his trash and none sense radio talk and a person like "W" will be America's president. So I am going to mention only two main reasons for this catastrophe: 1-one is, the fall of the American empire and 2- which I consider the first step toward this fall, is that, the lack of the flow of true information in the united states' media. Informed people could not have voted this way. when an empire is falling, the least qualified people become its leaders. History has shown this clearly many times. So this is not a mystery, but a consequence of a censorship in a country's media.

Ralph Williams said...

"Historical Mystery of Bush's Presidency"

I just found this site through a link provided on a precious metals forum. This article, "Historical Mystery ..." is one of the best articles I've read. The article rightly places Bush (and the American people) in the perfect context. That is, Bush was a dismal failure as President and the American people were led perfectly down the garden path, actually, the road to hell by the "mainstream Press" and political handlers.

Mr. Perry's article was something that needed to be said. It's been long overdue. Fear - you're either with us or against us" - actually bore fruit and I hope the past administration is brought finally to light for exactly what it was. A dictatorship administration. May Bush/Cheney and their ilk rot in hell.

Thanks Mr. Perry and also for the truth on the Iran-Contra stories. Just more "out of the loop" politicians, Reagan and Bush Sr.

Excuse my spelling and grammer. I'm just an uneducated dumbed down American.

Ralph Williams