Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Frees Bush Historical Records

By Robert Parry
January 22, 2009

When authoritarian forces seize control of a government, they typically move first against the public’s access to information, under the theory that a confused populace can be more easily manipulated. They take aim at the radio stations, TV and newspapers.

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Anonymous said...

Is this as big as I think it is? Does this mean Obama can turn the media loose on its captives, and maybe the world will finally know the truth about these guys?

Anonymous said...

If the journalists jump at the opportunity, this act or Executive Order will certainly clear up a lot of mysteries.

JNagarya said...

In order to determine whether to prosecute, one must first determine whether a crime was committed. In order to determine the latter, one must first get the facts.

Let's watch due process, slow as it can be, as the suppressed documentation of the Bushit criminal enterprise are finally released to public scrutiny.

And Holder should tell Cornyn to his face: Your party's methods have been a demonstrable failure. Your party LOST the election -- your asses were handed to you on a cow pie. Take a hike.