Saturday, January 10, 2009

WPost Again Flacks for Bush's Crimes

By Robert Parry
January 10, 2009

With only 10 days left before George W. Bush leaves office, the Washington Establishment – and its chief mouthpiece the Washington Post – are trying to stymie any meaningful accountability for the outgoing administration and thus cover up for their own complicity in Bush’s crimes and incompetence.

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Anonymous said...

The real question about accountability is how do you investigate, prosecute and jail the whole damned Bush administration, the House and Senate, the Judiciary, Corporate America, and their embeded fellow conspirators, the media? The answer? You cannot, and therefore no one will. You may ask what really is going on? Well, its wide, deep and complicated - - thats why only a handful of authors have tried to make sense of the last eight years, including you, Robert Parry. So I highly recommend your most recent book and another everyone is talking about - - Family of Lies, which traces the growth and marriage of radical conservatism since WW-II with runaway capitalism through its progeny, the ever present Bush family and their cronies. Robert, the truth is we no longer have a democracy and we have not had much of one since WW-II. I think its all over. The road leads downhill for America and you can blame corporate greed and lust for power, which got all the breaks it wanted - - wealthfare - - and bled America to death financially and then left for foreign soils. The truth? Capitalism has never been patriotic or lloyal to anything or anyone other than itself. It's over my friend. Get used to idea of America being a third-rate Banana Republic ruled by the wealthy class, if even they exist in ten years, which I doubt. It's water, beans and potatoes from now on - - and I am speaking of the middle-class rather than the poverty-class. People can vote to the cows come home and it no longer matters. Corporate America rules and Obama know it. He will fail!

margie said...

I believe we must handle this issue before other nations decide to. America's image as a place that offers liberty and justice to all has been damaged these past 8 years. About 70% of the world community hates America because of the actions of a few people who abused the power its' citizens granted them by electing them as our leaders. We, as citizens, must hold our elected officials accountable because, if we don't, that is like giving tacit approval to the actions they have taken which have resulted in over 4,000 of our military dying in foreign countries, massive domestic and foreign debt, lack of oversight and accountabillity, and torture of captured combatants, which disgusts me. We should begin at the top of the political chain and work our way down. Let the chips fall where they may. If an agency, branch of government, person, or political party, does not feel the outrage of its' citizens because we don't insist they answer for abuses of power, we get just what we deserve: mediocrity and more abuse.
I refuse to give up on our nation. Many citizens are fed up with Corporate America, as recently demonstrated by opposition to the $700 billion TARP package. The U.S. government has a choice. It can choose to serve the citizens or the financial sector. If it chooses the latter, it will do so at its' own peril for I can recall the intent of Jefferson's words in the Declaration of Independence in which he declared that a government that does not promote the public good should be abolished and replced by one that will. The question that is still unanswered is: will it be violent or peaceful?