Thursday, April 09, 2009

America, Torture and Hypocrisy

By Robert Parry
April 9, 2009

The International Committee of the Red Cross’s torture report should be required reading for all Americans not just because its contents are shocking – which they are – but because it reveals that the United States is not the special nation that it often pretends to be, and won’t be as long as it chooses to look away from such crimes.

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Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, and Cheney, constantly claims there will be a new terror attack (because Obama's pro civil liberties feelers) is showing weakness. Al Qaeda, the day Obama announced that Guantanamo would be closed, sent an internet tape claiming that an al Qaeda escapee, al Badiwi, was now second in command in Yemen. He had supposedly reformed, which might have been an act, but it's also possible that he was humoring them after being told that if he made the tape al Qaeda would leave him alone.

Al Qaeda hates Obama or at least the way Obama is trying to isolate them from other Muslims. Thus, Cheney is tempting them to want to attack.

Bin Laden vowed to drive US troops off of sacred Muslim soil, which Bush did in 2003. After which for a while any future attack on the US could have led to US troops back in, something it's top al Qaeda policy to avoid risking.

Those who rightly criticize Obama's go-slow approach, in the same article or blog entry should mention the pressures on Obama in the opposite direction.