Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cowardice in the Time of Torture

By Ray McGovern
April 5, 2009

I used to take a certain pride by association with prominent Bronxites who have “made it.” Cancel that for Attorney General Eric Holder and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

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Anonymous said...

I do not believe that we are a nation of cowards! However, at this point, I believe that we are a nation LED by cowards.
What is the true meaning of the oath of office if it is ignored?
I am but one voice but with that one voice I speak to many of my frustration in the matter of the Bush led tortures. Senators of not only my state but many others react with much the same frustration. For the sake of all we hold dear we, as a nation, must bring an end to this. An end with justice and truth can be achieved only in the courts. Yet, even this gives me pause as I'm led to remember the action by the courts in the Bush "election."
No. I'm not a coward, just another frustrated, disappointed and confused American.

Morgaine said...

Justice will never be served if all the "good men" do is complain as the "bad men" commit outrageous acts of treason and crimes against humanity. The American people need to stop acting emasculated and put some of their own time and energy on the line applying direct pressure on legislators. Or stop complaining and accept that by their silence they are complicit in these acts.