Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Saving Mexico by Legalizing US Drugs

By Ivan Eland
April 7, 2009

While the U.S. superpower has meddled in many far-flung nations around the globe in the name of enhancing its security, as prior to 9/11, it has ignored a threat much closer to home.

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Anonymous said...

I agree--legalizing drugs is the most reasonable solution. No, I do not do drugs.
Before drugs became illegal, they were still used widely in the US.
Moms could buy paragoric syrup for 29 cents a bottle. They gave it to kids when the flue hit. But the drug users used it to shoot up.

Drugs have always been a nuisance but the killing and robbing began when we started the war on drugs.

Make them legal. Take the huge profit out of the trade. Use the drug war money to teach and invest in self sufficiency.