Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Leahy Bails on 'Truth Commission' Plan

By Charlotte Dennett
April 1, 2009

Those of you following the George W. Bush prosecution trail will be interested to know that Patrick Leahy’s “truth commission” is a no-go. I was in a meeting with Leahy and four other Vermonters on Monday when he broke the news to us.

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Anonymous said...

This is truly distressing news. I'm outraged that we have to beg our government to follow the rule of law and that our politicians actually expect us to be grateful for the scraps that they throw to us.

The cancer that John Dean said was growing on the presidency consumed Nixon but we didn't kill it when we had the chance. It's now spread to the rest of our government. Until we have the courage to cut it out it will continue to spread it's destruction across the country until the patient called America is dead.


Anonymous said...

I just wish our government - both Democrat AND Republican - would follow the Constitution. Had they done so, none of this would be occurring, as we'd really be a nation of Laws and not men! Wake up, sheeple - you're being run down the hill to perdition!

Bob said...

Why should anyone be surprised?
Leahy sat silent at the Thomas hearings while Hatch and others
postured and made wild accusations.
Even the attempt to assassinate
him and Daschle did not prompt an
investigation or a demand for justice. The Truth Commission was
a distraction, a diversion to defer
action on a special prosecutor until it loses momentum. Either they have something on him or he is like so many democrats a capon.

SirScud said...


There never has been, and never will be a special prosecutor appointed by any branch of the federal government that succeeds in bringing to justice a member of Congress or the Executive branch; and the very idea of a TRUTH commission being established on these terms is beyond oxymoronic, it is just plain stupid.
The idea that Leahey is the only champion of justice in Congress is nonsense; what about Sen. Whitehouse from New Jersey????
Judgeing by this article, I do not believe this woman has much of a legal or journalistic acumen.
The only thing that makes any sense in the entire screed is the choice of Vincent Bugliosi as a special prosecutor. I have said for several years that he should "quarterback" a team of our finest legal scholars (Lawrence Tribe EtAl)and investigative reporters (Seymour Hersh, Robert Parry,etc), along with the help of the crowd of whistle blowers that has emerged. Raising the funds to support such a "grass roots" effort might be a challenge, but I believe it is doable if people would stop bitching and squabbling long enough to actually do something.

Alan Howard said...

I would like to see the documentation for this assertion:

Appointing a special prosecutor had been the top issue on President Obama’s Web site when he took office.

If anyone can provide it, please send it to me.

Alan Howard

Anonymous said...

Congress in not yet afraid of we, the people. It's time for us to initiate some kind of Gandhi-esque national strike and stop everything until they start doing their jobs.

sisyphus said...

Agreed we need a team of lawyers and assorted "rat-terriers" with huge egos and nothing to lose propped up grassroots fundraising and no ties to congress demanding answers from any and all who participated in 911/Iraq/Afghanistan crimes against innocents.