Thursday, April 02, 2009

Truth, Crimes, Commissions and Hope

By David Swanson
April 2, 2009

Good news is being taken as bad. Vermont constituents of Sen. Patrick Leahy report that he's finding very little support for his proposed truth and reconciliation commission from Republicans or Democrats in the Senate. Numerous people have taken this as bad news and cause to despair. I disagree.

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Anonymous said...

The "truth commission" was an attempted whitewash.

Try 'em & Fry 'em!



Roger said...

Exactly right! Prosecutions are the only way to go. There is no point to "revising the laws to prevent a recurrence," as Senator Leahy has said. The existing laws were not enforced, so they have no deterring value. Indeed, they have no meaning and no purpose unless high officials are prosecuted for breaking them. Ordinary Americans are subject to one of the world's harshest judicial systems, but high political officials are treated as if they are above the law.

Give them a fair trial and hang them!