Thursday, April 02, 2009

Leahy Faults GOP Partisanship on Bush

By Jason Leopold
April 2, 2009

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy said the refusal of Republicans to act in a non-partisan way has hobbled his plan for a “truth commission” that would examine alleged Bush administration abuses.

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James Young said...

Perhaps because Leahy is: (1) not interested in "truth"; and (2) acting in a bitterly partisan manner.

Which he always does.

lgillooly said...

This is extremely disappointoing news. To ignore the myriad of War crimes in our name should be against the law in itself.
How can we say this new Admonistration believes in the rule of law and yet ignores such criminal acts.
I support Obama,but believe he is making a huge mistake.

Bob Locke said...

Leahy needs to go ahead with the commission so that both Republicans and weak-minded Democrats must go on record as saying, with their own mouths and in their own words, why they think crimes committed by the Executive Branch should not be investigated. All these anonymous pussy-footers should just shut up.

What craven cowards.

Roger said...

We need prosecutions, not a "truth commission." There is no point to revising the laws, since the existing laws are not enforced, e.g. FISA, Congressional subpoena power, etc.