Monday, May 04, 2009

Can the Neocons Jump to the Dems?

By Ivan Eland
May 4, 2009

Neoconservatives used the Republican Party as a vehicle to promote and employ their policies of muscular nation-building overseas.

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Anonymous said...

Ivan Eland, you don't offer a shred of evidence. Obviously if Robert Parry gets his wish in the next Consortiumblog entry, and another party overtakes the Republicans as US's second party, Neocons will attempt to become Democrats.

However for the time being many are screaming that a new terror attack will happen in such as way that Obama can be blamed like Michael Dukakis was blamed for Willie Horton, And hoping al Qaeda will attack in such as way as to seem to prove their point. See,


Anonymous said...

yep! as far as I'm concerned, both parties are equally as corrupt, and shamelessly so.

oh, for god's sake, will someone finally put to bed this concept that the C.I.A. fabrication called 'Al Qaeda' really is not a genuine threat to the United States? Could we have one moment of LUCIDITY HERE just long enough to agree that this is all a bunch of bullsh*t and lies to make everyone fearful and hate muslims? Can we now have everyone agree that SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, was an INSIDE JOB CARRIED OUT BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT AND THE ISRAELI MOSSAD?? CAN'T WE?????