Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Need to Hold the GOP Accountable

By Robert Parry
May 5, 2009

Perhaps it was the image of Jeb Bush expounding on the future of the Republican Party or Condoleezza Rice channeling her inner Richard Nixon with the imperial logic that “by definition, if it was authorized by the President, it did not violate our obligations under the Convention Against Torture.”

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful points.

I am happy you called for a truth commission. Some want Dick Cheney in jail where I am afraid he will cry that he his there for saving America from a second terror attack. If that is a juror or two their head soaked with the TV pro-torture of terrorists drama "24", don't vote for acquittal,

However, your past condemnation of the Washington Post and Arlen Specter doesn't fit with the present posting.

Specter at first stopped the false trail to Fidel Castro for the JFK Assassination from being publically investigated. Remember Lyndon Johnson expressed fear that all this blame of Castro might lead to war with Russia.

This country believes in punishment not retribution. But Johnson was so busy undoing all the harm he did earlier it was hard to insinuate that he might have been involved. Even Lisa Pease couldn't bare to mention Johnson's name as she on your post so unfairly condemned Specter. Why didn't Lisa Pease or you comment specifically about the following concerning Lyndon Johnson's involvement?

It's time to give an old man Arlen Specter space to discuss the past like E. Howard Hunt did. Lisa or you might ask him how his theory fits in with the recently declassified evidence of Lee Harvey Oswald's many dealings with both the US and Russian government. Rather then, "Do you still claim your theory is true". And I believe a little praise might bring some sorry history to be in the limelight again.

Anyway, some of your past posts tend to undo your present amazingly clear condemnation of Republicans.



Margo said...

knowing you know all this just made me feel like i can breathe for the first time since reagan. please keep telling great truths which raise the level of the consciousness of humanity. margo blackwell-in bloomington indiana-the biggest concentration of PCBs in the world....

Anonymous said...

. Somehow I left out,
a post where comments never close.

President Bush declassified a lot of history, and never was thanked for it and hasn't been under Cheney's influence of late.

A positive near future event that I hope is possible is for a joint statement by Bush and Specter that some dark history needs to be understood by the American people. This would from Bush's perspective get him out of the immediate direct limelight. Such joint statements by Bush and Specter would make it possible for Senator Kennedy and others to join the call. This, despite I'm sure pain he must feel in having to face dark facts about his friend Lyndon Johnson.

By the way anyone who still posts Oswald acted along is also being helpful in keeping history in the news.


Anonymous said...

actually, this is not totally a partisan issue any longer. we now know that DEMOCRATS (alleged ones, anyway!) knew about this torture crap and the murder of detainees in our custody, in the custody of the C.I.A. and contractors in C.I.A. black sites, not just Abu Ghraib or Baghram Air Base.

so, you know what? fu*k this partisan witch hunt, let's get all of them. Yep, it's mostly republican scum that did this, but the DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP, aka PELOUSY and REID and HARMON all knew about this, as did about 16 others in the party.

this is not an exclusive club, this involved BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLES OF CONGRESS and the SENATE to allow this to go on, un-investigated, un-reported, un-punished. There are more than 100 people who are NOW DEAD DUE TO AMERICAN TORTURERS WHO BEAT THEM TO DEATH WHILE THEY WERE ILLEGALLY HELD IN U.S. CUSTODY all over the globe.

I don't give a shit if this takes down DEMS, goddamned it, if that's the case, then they need to be TRIED AND CONVICTED AND HANGED AT A NUREMBERG STYLE TRIAL just like the Germans were and the Japanese were.

and no, no plea bargaining. Once convicted, they need to be HANGED. this crime is MURDER and the PUNISHMENT IS DEATH for this.

this cannot, and will not, go UNPUNISHED. IT CANNOT!