Friday, May 08, 2009

Republicans Play a New Fear Card

By Sherwood Ross
May 9, 2009

The mean-spirited attitude of Republican politicians over repatriating Guantanamo’s remaining 241 inmates in the U.S. reflects both their irrational fears and loss of moral compass.

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Anonymous said...

if you're a REPUBLICAN you don't have a moral compass, you have a set of ganglia near the base of your brainstem that says; "consume, rip-off, destroy, impair, obfuscate, denigrate, loot, pillage, bugger, rape, decimate, soil, plunder" over and over again, while you, not too different from the common amoeba, swim around in your own meaningless, fearful life and make the planet as unpleasant and used up as you possibly can. Consciences are reserved for creatures with souls and minds, not organisms that simply see the world around them as a source of food and self-gratification. I don't know where you got the concept that REPUBLICANS have 'consciences', those things are now becomming obsolete in the DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP now too, as both sides of the aisle have now de-evolved into something that is not recognizable as 'human being' any longer.

Anonymous said...

Considering the Republican regime created these terrorists by creating unjustified and brutal invasions of two innocient nations, wanted these terrorists in order to continue two brutal illegal wars, you would think they would want to take them home and introduce them to their families.