Monday, June 15, 2009

Excusing Outrages of the Right

By Robert Parry
June 15, 2009

Part of America’s ongoing political crisis is that Official Washington remains cowed by the angry Right, even as it engages in subtle and not-so-subtle appeals to bigotry and invitations to violence. As the outrages mount, most of the national press corps prefers to look the other way, a pattern that now stretches back many years.

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bull1234 said...

The funny part about all this I saw Antonin Scalia on some talk show telling the Left to get over it, and this was 9 years after the first stolen election.
These faux rags that are called news papers lost there creditability years ago..
If only they had Joesph Goebbels working the propaganda for them they might get the point of it.
Scalia and Mussolini would make a fine pair, instead we got Bush the enept with his Fascist Regime.
This has been some pile of crap for our constitution which although Obama is not what he said he would be and do, he's still better then a Bush and a Cheney.
I voted for a true American Patriot Ralph Nader.
The bail outs would not be in the cards.
Trumens sign 'THE BUCK STOPS HERE' would be in effect no doubt.
And today I have a different opine of McCarthy; I think he had a point when he was chasing the Commies out of Washington. The press was afraid he would nab some real commies so they started a negitive campaign againist him.
Otherwise he would be a true Patriot if they let him succeed...

Anonymous said...

The Europeans call it "blind in the right eye" - the overlooking of right wing extremists.

As to Aryan Nations and the military, there were articles in maybe 2004, 2005 where the relaxing of enlistment requirements allowed extremist groups members to join the military. Object was to get the training for the inevitable conflict they are sure is coming, but also to steal weapons, ammo from military bases.

so the right wing can cry out, but the report is more likely dishonest in its under assessment of the right wing threat.