Monday, June 15, 2009

Taking a Rational Look at Iran

By Ivan Eland
June 15, 2009

One election in Iran will not significantly change U.S.-Iran relations — only a change in U.S. thinking and policy will do so.

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Anonymous said...

Re: The life and 'crimes' of the two Satans.

Interesting, the Great Satan, after pumping millions to try and disrupt the Iraninian electtions, now finds itself as in did in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, where the NED and USAID (CIA fronts) also spect millions to try and disrupt 'democracy' in those countries, to no avail! :(

Now, the 'word on the block' is that Messr Ahmadinjad 'stole the election' because the people the US determined would make great US puppets were left standing on the streets of Tehran screaming bloody murder. Oh well.

If this was Palestine and the Hamas victory, well, you just declare them 'un-elected' and you jail part of the parliament and attack the Hamas election winners. (Oh but here were 'no' observers in the Iranian elections laments the Great Satan). But, in the case of the Palestinian' election - Well, there were - Including 'God himself' (Jimmy Carter!). (To the chagrin of the two Satans).

Hey Satans, 'live with it!' The whole world maybe 'your' oyster: But, only for the moment and the Taliban and Hamas and yes, even Hezbollah are working 24/7 to change all of that that, pronto!

Tombstone, AZ.

'Kill 'em all Hezbollah warriors - let their G-d sort them out!'