Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ray McGovern on Illness and Health

By Ray McGovern
June 18, 2009

At first I thought the BEFORE picture of the arteries around my heart may have been doctored. There it was big as life...or imminent death — the circumflex artery was 90 to 99 percent blocked.

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sanda said...

So glad you are doing OK. I experienced the heart thing with a
close relative, who I insisted go to
get medical care (vague symptoms).

I have said often, it's best to be a white middle aged male because so many of the medical conditions are "known" and
have been well researched as compared to women's, especially heart stuff)(think Cheney). I am glad
to have read your story, so now I can
know what to look for, if there's a
"next time". Thanks.

Your writing and work is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Ray you are the best. I once talk with you on the Mike Webb show about how they wrapped the intelligence around the policy on the lead up to the war. Then I saw you question Rumsfeld.Classic! Your article is timely seeing as they just determined medical reasons to account for 60% of all bankruptcy. How this new program unfolds will be a major indicator as to what we can actually expect from this administration. Hope you're in the pink.