Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama's Torture Hypocrisy

By Jason Leopold
June 29, 2009

President Barack Obama just announced that the U.S. government "must stand against torture wherever it takes place," but it’s clear that his pledge does not apply to torture committed by officials from the Bush administration.

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Anonymous said...

There are concerns from myself and I don't believe that I am alone about Obama's constant effort of moving forward in the overlooking of crimes committed by Excutive Order of George W. Bush's Administration of human beings being tortured while imprisoned under American oversight. When Obama was a U.S. Senator, he voted to give immunity to telecommunication companies who illegally/criminally assisted George W's wrongful wiretapping of U.S. citizens. That action was the beginning of my concerns of him (Obama) upholding our Laws that prosecute the violations of any of our Laws. Obama is always speaking of looking and moving forward. To do such things as this when there have been criminal acts of violations against the rights of The People of The United States of America, it gives a discription of an act of Piracy. Before, all The People of this our Government, he swore to PRESERVE, PROTECT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of The United States of America; yet, his (Obama) action shows that he is turning a deaf, blind and mute movement of overlooking these outlaw violation against our Rules of Law. This Nation is a Civil Nation of LAWS, and it is these Laws that keep us Civil. This Government is OF The People, BY The People, FOR The People of The United States of America as our Honorable President ABRAHAM LINCOLN definitively spoke at the dedication of The Battlefield at Gettysburg, PA as a National Park site; where many Americans gave their lives to prevent our Sovereign Nation and Government from being overthrown... Reverend Ira L. Lewis 2009B Conestoga Trail Austin, TX 5124431079 I am a 58 year old sixth generation Texan (African-American male) an Licensed/Ordained Baptist Gospel (Jesus Christ) Minister a twice Honorably Discharged Disabled Navy Veteran a dba Business Owner. Obama was backed by $668,000,000.00 (Six Hundred and Sixty Eight Million Dollars) of campaign support to gain The White House and I am sure that he owe a group of certain types of people, who are for personal gains without the interest of The People of The Government of The United States of America. You cannot go forward without upholding our Sovereign Constitution and its Rules of Law.

Bob Fearn said...

The link to Obama's statment re torture leads to a statement by Bush Jr. in 2003. WTF??

Bob Locke said...

Obama's hypocrisy on this issue (and several others like tiny steps on civil rights for gay people, though I still support him on many issues and am so very happy that we have him instead of McCain--Imagine!!!!) is a deep disappointment.

Obama talks like Bush. "Americans do not torture!" all the while Americans are torturing like hell.

What makes us think that torture is not still going on? After all, when the President starts lying (like Bush, and now like Obama) what can we believe any longer?

Larry McGovern said...

I haven't seen Diane Beaver's name mentioned with those other lawyers for whom complaints have been filed for disbarment. She should definitely be included.