Friday, July 03, 2009

Bush-Cheney Linked to CIA Leak Case

By Jason Leopold
July 3, 2009

In early fall 2003, as the scandal over leaking a covert CIA officer’s identity was exploding, President George W. Bush claimed not to know anything about the leak and called on anyone in his administration who had knowledge to come “forward with the information so we can find out whether or not these allegations are true.”

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Mathew said...

The "Leak" the "Yellow Cake"etc etc were all side shows the main story line goes like this.

The war in Iraq may have been conceived in Tel Aviv but it was promoted by American neoconservative intellectuals most of them Jewish, who were pushing President G.W. Bush to change the course of history.

The challenge was to get the USA on board and the usual suspects set their aim on the American " Evangelical" President in the White House.

The usual suspects were
Bernard Lewis
Nathan Sharansky
Richard Perle
Paul Wolfowitz
Elliot Abrams
Scooter Libby
Douglas Feith
Abram Shulsky etc etc

The ground work were the books of Bernard Lewis and Nathan Sharansky.

Sharansky's book made its way to G.W.Bush , Condi Rice , Tony Blair & everyone who wanted to be on the right side of the line with the ''The Bush Plan''.

Sharansky was invited to meet with G.W.Bush at the White House and the Israeli ''salesman'' played him like a violin !!!!!

The idea that the Middle East the "Cradle of the Christian Religion" needed a leader to carry out a "Crusade" was taken up by G.W.Bush who even called it a "Crusade".

Just after G.W.Bush's Rose Garden Speech before the Iraq "War" Richard Perle called Sharansky in Israel to tell him that Bush was '' speaking Sharansky word for word straight out of Sharansky's book !!!!

There was nobody to to disagree because they were all Americans & strong supporters of Hawkish Israeli Zionism .

The "War" on Iraq was always an Israeli agenda on its way to firmly dominate the Middle East and a "War" on Iran. s=books

James Young said...

"Neocon": the new code word for "Jew."

"a covert CIA officer": the far Left's code word for a low-level analyst trying to find work for her shiftless husband.

Eliot Bernstein said...

Obama-Reneg-Orama. Look who his brain is, Zbigniew Brzezinski who is Rockefella's bedfellow, no better than Rove for Bush (all CFR or Skull and Bones). From the Council on Foreign Relations our government policies are now dictated, our leaders are thrust down our throats, all candidates in last election but Gravel and Paul were CFR members. CFR is a secretive group with oath to destroy democracy and whose meetings are kept secret with threat to the members for disclosure of their NAZI grand plan. MSNBC has become the CFR Propaganda machine for the Democratic CFR, similar to FOX for the Repub CFR and it is all a sham, as both parties leaders move to subvert the US and the Constitution through treason. The CFR plants members on both sides of the political tickets so they can manipulate the public to think they have democracy and after the Supreme Court chose our President that concept died, at least the Iranians cared enough about their vote to take to the street in protest, in America we failed to protect our vote and with that the sanctity of our country.
Notice that in perceived and propagandized created terror we suddenly need mass change to our Constitution to allow things like torture, invasions of privacy, illegal wars, etc. In terror of financial ruin, we need new laws to stop financial crimes while they are committed endlessly in a lawless country. We have laws for too big to fail called antitrust laws that break companies up that get to big, where is the Injustice Dept? We have laws for war criminals and tortures, where is the Injustice Dept? We have laws against subversion of the Constitution called treason, where is the Injustice Dept?
The New World Order BS is a cover for greed, the country needs to throw these cults out of office and cease their tyranny, try them, fry them and recoup their assets illegally gained with a RICO conspiracy case.
Yet, daily Zbignew's bobblehead daughter Mika spews her fathers hatemongering with her cohort Joe who should be investigated for the death of his aid and frequent MSNBC Guests including Zbignew himself, usually followed by Richard Haas (CFR Pres) and on to Austan Goolsbee (Obama Economic Advisor CFR and Skull and Bones). We must stop them from continuing to propagandize the news (I mean non-investigative script reading by what appear former Playboy models, except Mika) as the People cannot think when they are being brain washed. The CFR playbook reads exactly like Hitlers and Rockefella is a big supporter of concentration camps and prisons, all of which make him money, like the war and oil profiteering, he is a greedy fat pig that should be thinned through a removal of his power by trying him for his grand plan to overthrow our country.
We are in the midst of a coup on the US and it is our watch and we must stop it or we leave that to our children, with of course our legacy of torture and war crimes and bankrupt.


Re; Eliot Bernstein...
Isn't it curious that the "highly esteemed'' editor of The Nation magazine openly lists her membership in the CFR without any comment or explaination/defense.
How lame and ignorant the rags readers and the public remain...
~John L.