Sunday, October 04, 2009

Democrats Ponder Health-Care Suicide

By Robert Parry
October 4, 2009

If Democrats enact something like the health-care bill emerging from the Senate Finance Committee, they may call it a legislative victory and it may keep the campaign donations flowing from the insurance industry, but the Democrats would surely infuriate millions of American voters.

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Anonymous said...

I'm working on finding a way to move to Montana just so I can vote against Baucus.

geo rip said...

I think Obama's plan is to finesse the Republican opposition by giving them enough rope to hang themselves. I think that part is working.

What I don't understand is why Democrats refuse to recognize the public call for common sense. With each valid objection that the Republicans make to the proposed healthcare bill it becomes more and more obvious that the only way to accomplish the public interest, the general welfare, is the public option. It is the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Ridicule is a very powerful political tool. Perhaps it is time we try to make the KISS principle more widely recognized by those Democrats who wish to be recognized as representative of our interests and theoretically willing to actually represent our common sense interests as a people.

Without being disagreeable, the KISS principle is Common Sense right?

The ideas behind the public option are proven and working all over the globe . Is our American leadership so full of themselves that they are incapable of adopting what works if it wasn't invented here?

Brian Barger said...

Wonderful idea, but how do we get Max Baucus to pull the "reverse trigger?"

fact checker said...

Why is this assumption constantly repeated?

While dumping the relatively straightforward public option, which President Barack Obama favors...

Mr. Parry, just because Obama claims to favor the public option, it does not make it so.

So far, he hasn't truly fought for anything even remotely resembling a public option -- he's long on spewing words, but short on action.

Today, when he invited all those doctors to the White House (to use them as props for a photo op), he DIDN'T NOT ONCE USE THE TERM PUBLIC OPTION.

Not only that, he did not invite any doctors from Physicians for a National Health Program.

Give me a break! Please stop promulgating the falsehood that Obama "favors" the public option!

Anonymous said...

Petition anyone?

I suggest a petition from Democrats to Baucus telling him that if anything like his bill ever becomes law, the undersigned will leave the Democratic Party.