Friday, October 09, 2009

Health Insurers Threaten Rate Hikes

By Robert Parry
October 9, 2009

Though looking forward to millions of new customers who would be compelled by the U.S. government to buy health insurance, the insurance industry is threatening to raise premiums across the board if more of its demands are not met.

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ETSpoon said...

The threat of higher premiums is exactly the argument for a government administered public option health insurance. By raising premiums the vampire health insurance industry will make a total take over of health care insurance a reality.

But this threat also points out why a forwarding a single-payer health care system would die in utero, the vampire health insurance industry, through its friends in Congress, would make sure of that.

Any infsurance reform bill must have price protections for consumers.

acomfort said...

"but he joined other conservative Democrats in voting no, claiming a public option couldn’t clear the 60-vote hurdle to stop a Republican filibuster."

Statements like this, with no explanation by the author, will have most readers believe the 60-vote is a fixed fact of life.

The filibuster is not in the constitution and can be removed by a simple majority vote.

For the Democrats to pass this legislation it only takes two 51-vote margins, one 51-vote margin to remove the filibuster rule and one 51-vote margin to pass any bill thereafter.

This would make the Senate more democratic and not ruled by a minority. Do any politicians of either party want a more democratic senate? For reasons I won’t go into . . . I don’t think so.