Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pramatic Empathy for One's Enemies

By Ivan Eland
October 6, 2009

Empathy is a term that connotes the touchy-feely notion of getting in touch with someone else’s feelings or perspective. That’s what psychotherapists and social workers do.

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Anonymous said...

So logical and commonsensical, and so unlikely to become policy... so, so sad.

George Collins

Anonymous said...

Re Iraq: "Recognizing the existing partition and devolving more power to local and regional governments, rather than perpetuating the non-viable central government, is probably the only way to avoid a massive civil war."

This part does not recognize that most of the oil lies beneath the Kurds, and the port city lies with the Shias, thus leaving desert for the Sunnis. A sure recipe for civil war. I also believe the antagonism between the two sects was instigated by outside agents in pursuit of lengthening the occupation, and profitable circumstances.