Monday, November 16, 2009

Facts Behind 'Men Who Stare at Goats'

By Lisa Pease
November 16, 2009

Can people really influence the physical world with thought alone? And if so, dare we use that power for evil, instead of good? Or will the effort come back to haunt us?

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Anonymous said...

Targ and Puthoff's "science" featured in Randi's book "flim flam!". Plus, Puthoff was a scientologist at that time. These guys are heavy into fooling themselves.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that whole article is satire, and that I sound like a total idiot.

The reason that the Americans had/have this program is the same as why the Soviets did: huge military budgets, initially centralized in few hands, that are distributed with little oversight.

With something as absurd as this, I'm sure both sides realized that they were funding a futile endeavor, but kept a few million bucks in "just in case".

I'm a bit disappointed that instead of pointing to the absurdity of these programs as a reason for more reasonable defense spending, Lisa Pease suggests we think our way to the peaceful future.

Real History Lisa said...

You did miss a spark of satire in my suggestion, which was in keeping with the tone of both the book and the film. But since you mentioned it, I'd certainly agree we need to strongly reconsider all aspects of defense spending. And while I'd personally be very interested in seeing more money spent on psychic research, I don't really want it to be my tax dollars, and certainly wouldn't trust the military or intelligence agencies to do the research in the way that would best serve humanity.