Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Yorkers Resist 9/11 Scare Tactics

By Michael Winship
November 21, 2009

If you want to royally tick off New Yorkers, try telling us what to do.

Read on.


libhom said...

I find it deeply offensive that Giuliani is trying to deny New Yorkers justice in a court of law to pander to rightists who know nothing about 911.

David Malone said...

Dread not, because . . .

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Messiah Pretension:
Al Qaeda has tried to vivify millennialist prophecies about the Apocalypse War, a conflict that is predicted to kill two-thirds of humanity.

The World-War Provocateur Phenomenon:
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Crusader Baiting:
Al Qaeda's insurgent strategy focuses on provoking the superpower into military aggression throughout the Muslim world that swells the popularity of Bin Laden's anti-American Islamist movement.

Willfully grafting religious prophecy onto an anti-imperialist insurgency, the apocalyptic cult behind the 9/11 War seeks to propagate a global conflict that portrays Bin Laden as the awaited Muslim Messiah and America as this figure's mythological nemesis, "the Great Satan" empire.

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Peace on Earth,

David Malone

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