Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shining Light on Roots of Terrorism

By Ray McGovern
November 15, 2009

Media commentary on the upcoming 9/11 trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has raised concern that state secrets may be divulged, including details about how the Bush administration used torture to extract evidence about al-Qaeda.

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Morton Kurzweil said...

Excuse me? Palestinian territory? Ottoman maybe, Persian, Egyptian, British or French, possibly at one time or another.
Tell me, of the millions of Jews who lived throughout the Middle East for millennia, how may are alive and well under the modern Arab policies and the radical Muslim interpretations of Islam today?
This is a purely political problem supported by oil money through Iran and Saudi Arabia. That alone is the cause and the source of Mid-East conflict. The people on both sides have been powerless against the coercive forces of foreign political intervention
Peace, safety, freedom, education, and economic opportunity have been a source of mutual development until extremists and religious fanatics entered the picture.
Let the people vote, not for corrupt parties, but for peace and development. There would be a unanimous choice to throw out all criminal elements for the sake of peace.

Anonymous said...

I loath BLOODYISRAEL the whore for the Military/Industrial/PROPAGANDA/Petroleum whore who creates war, war, war, war, terror, terror, terror ..............just a whore and nothting more! Right to Exist is earned, not bestowed by propaganda whores. Ol' Mort above sure has a hard-on for demonizing everything non-BLOODYISRAEL. The Goldstone report was a puff report and minimizes BLOODYISRAEL's Palestenian HOLOCAUST!

RichardKanePA said...

Most of al Qaeda broadcasts are directed to either Muslims or to Americans. Al Qaeda in its broadcasts to Americans tell us to blame the Jews for our problems and the world’s ills. However bin Laden’s broadcasts to the Muslim world tells them that America is to blame and for them to stop fixating on Israel. Zacarias Moussaoui the first 12th alleged 9/11 hijacker spent his trial condemning his Jewish lawyer and urging any American listener to blame the Jews.

Before 9/11 until 2003 when President Bush removed US troops to Saudi Arabia, bin Laden’s number one complaint was heathen troops on Sacred Muslim soil. I think the Saudi government is mistaken in concluding that bin Laden picked Saudis in order to cloud relations between the Saudi rulers and the US people.

If the past I appreciate the usual accuracy of what was posted at, and Robert Parry’s usual keen memory in not letting time cloud what he once knew. I hope Consortium News posts corrections.

I was hoping to ask Robert Parry to review the excuses the peace blogs are making about Nidal Hasan. If therapists can get PTSD from constantly identifying with their patients, why did Hasan buy a $1000 rapid fire pistol in July. And if PTSD can explain his calm relaxed attitude during his rampage, then exactly what PTSD is needs to be explained better.

Ironically when US troops were withdrawn from Saudi territory, bin Laden didn’t cheer but was upset in how it lost him recruits, that most Saudis became mad at him for attacking contractors was involved as well. When Obama went along with Pakistan allowing Sharia Law, in the Swat Valley, al Qaeda not being satisfied led Pakistan to attack with a vengeance. If US troops are removed from Afghanistan it will be a tremendous blow to al Qaeda’s ability to recruit.
If Ray McGovern’s article slipped in, because he is usually an accurate writer, I hope Consortium News writes an article strongly condemning both anti-Muslim prejudice and Nidal Hasan.

ReverseEngineer said...

Morton Kurzweil - I agree with SOME of your sentiments. "Let the people vote,..." a good suggestion! So howza' 'bout giving the Palestinians a true and just voice in their present and future, by granting Israeli citizenship and letting them vote in Israeli elections?

Anonymous - Take a civility chill pill please. Though I kind of agree with you and do understand your anger, you won't sway anybody with such harsh rhetoric.

Richard Kane - Don't be so quick to judge the events @ Ft. Hood! Conflicting reports are indicating Nidal Hasan was not the only shooter, and it seems unlikely one man could have had such success ballistically. The event smell strongly of a(nother) "false-flag" operation, tailor made to whip up more blind Islamophobia and public support for continuing the illegal wars of occupation.

boredwell said...

One must flip the coin over to examine the other side of the alleged Israeli-Palestinian connect to 9/11. Certainly, the Palestinians' plight is a galvanizing force for sympathy, frustration and anger felt throughout the world and most keenly by fellow Muslims. Is KSM, born in Kuwait of Pakistani extraction, therefore, to be considered Yasser Arafat's bleeding heart torch bearer? Continuing the erstwhile campaign of terror the Chairman exchanged for diplomatic bartering? KSM fought with Muslims in Bosnia, tried to in Chechnya, lived in the Philippines, worked in Iran and Qatar. And we are given to believe that in spite of this multi-national exposure he was unwavering in his singular commitment to the Palestinian cause? This reasoning seems too simplistic based as it is on an argument that assumes to be proof of the very thing one is trying to prove! That's called begging the question. I, for one, can't buy this.