Thursday, February 18, 2010

US Media Replays Iraq Fiasco on Iran

By Robert Parry
February 18, 2010

Major U.S. news organizations, including the New York Times and the Washington Post, are engaged in a replay of the kind of slanted coverage that paved the way to war in Iraq, only this time regarding Iran.

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Anonymous said...

MSM has now become an integral part of the American foreign policy apparatus. The reason people don't see it is simple - most people think too classically. In places like Saudi Arabia control over media is exercised directly. NYT, WashPo and so on are "managed". They have become "reality creators". They create "bad guys", "bad countries", "good guys", ... All with an agenda directed at maximizing profits and control over resources here and abroad.

big em said...

Excellent recent-history analysis of the MSM pro-war propaganda system here in the US. Even NPR will calmly (in smooth, moderated tones) discuss bombing strikes against Iran, normalizing the possibility. And all this SUPPOSEDLY justified because of Iran's SUSPECTED treaty violations - - this from a country that refuses to sign many humanitarian treaties (ie; no nuclear first-strike, no landmines, no chemical weapons, etc) and which regularly commits the cardinal treaty violation of the UN Charter (which we were signatories) by repeatedly waging aggressive wars against third world countries, as well as numerous war crimes, such as bombing civilian targets, using banned weapons, etc. Let's not forget those infamous treaty 'un-signings' that W & friends did (undoubtedly psuedo-justified by his toadies in the JD like Alberto Gonzales.) This is just another case of pathetic excuse-making by a warmonger itching to attack another oil-rich country...

Mike said...

No objective observer really thinks that Ahmadinejad didn’t cheat his way to victory and even the notoriously weak and ineffectual IAEA thinks Iran is working on nuclear weapons. And now Hezboilah and Hamas are “so called” terror groups?

Wow, yet another pile of apologetic bull from Parry, no wonder not a single serious news organization will touch you. You think that you would have tried to rehabilitate your shattered reputation after hitching your career to the “October Surprise” story. The depths you sink these days never cease to amaze.

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