Thursday, March 04, 2010

How 'Free Market' Snookers Americans

By Don Monkerud
March 4, 2010

Although some Americans worry about the growing power of the government, few understand the real power that controls their everyday lives.

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Dan said...

What the author sadly fails to realize (admit?) is that monopolies can not flourish without the approval (participation) of the government. A corporation does not force me to buy its product or service. Only government-connected entities can get away with such tactics because only the government holds a monopoly on the use of violence. Corporations can not get away with anything the government will not let them get away with. The ultimate power in any territory is the central government. It just so happens that this power corrupts. As such, corporations and politicians team up to loot individuals who are not govt.-connected. The FCC, FDA, FTC, workers unions, et al., ad nauseum, come to mind here. But none of it would last w/o the "oversight" (regulation) of the central force monopoly, a.k.a., government.

Dan said...

Furthermore, a central bank, income taxation, and government regulation of industry are anathema to free enterprise. They undercut and destroy free enterprise. Thus the author is embarrassingly incorrect to attribute corporate wrongdoings to a "free" market. Corporatism, socialism, communism, and fascism are more appropriate terms to describe the system that brings the fraud, injustice, and malfeasance rightfully attacked by the author.

Dan said...

For a scholarly debunking, see "The Myth of Natural Monopoly."