Saturday, March 06, 2010

Will Fear Again Be GOP Trump Card?

By Michael Winship
March 6, 2010

Comparisons are odious, the old saying goes, and certainly Democrats are dealing with some smelly, stinky realities as they stare down the next eight months until Election Day 2010 and pundits galore compare the party's prospects to debacles of the past.

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Anonymous said...

Fear mongering is only one factor working in favor of the GOP.

The more dangerous one is the despair of those of us who worked so hard for Obama and change, only to see the "change" evaporate before our very eyes. Close Guantanamo - not yet, return to the rule of law instead of secret kangaroo courts - not going to happen, reformed healthCARE - now forcing everyone to buy the private insurance they don't want with no limits on how high premiums can go, an end to the wars - not happening, I feel like voting on hackable voting machines for change? Why bother.

Bob said...

Obama chose to "look forward" and
not hold the Bush administration accountable. Had he done so the
Republicans would not have had time
to make so much mischief. Now he
faces a situation where if the
Republicans take either chamber they will do to him what they did to
Clinton, investigate the hell out of him.

The Democrats never learn, LBJ let
Nixon walk away from treason,
they let Bush and Reagan walk away from treason in the October Surprise and Iran Contra affairs, and they left unchallenged the interference of the GOP in the
Israeli/PA negotiations in 2000.

Of course Obama is doing the same things Bush did, sometimes bigger and (better) (worse). He too has
become a war criminal. Don't be
surprised if the Repugs attack him
on the grounds that he did things
Bush did (if they win a chamber).