Friday, March 05, 2010

War Is a Drug in 'The Hurt Locker'

By Lisa Pease
March 5, 2010

Right at the start, superimposed text reveals the theme of “The Hurt Locker”: War is a drug.

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Marc McKenzie said...

Lisa Pease is spot on with her review of this film. I saw it last summer and was blown away (no pun intended) not only by the film, but by the fact that it opens with a quote from Chris Hedges ("War is a drug").

Most people still cannot get over the fact that the film was directed by a woman. Also, this film puts much more focus on the soldiers than most other war movies. It deserves best picture and just about any other Oscar it has been nominated for, and I'm saying this even though I have seen most of the films nominated this year and feel that they are all very good films. But THE HURT LOCKER stood out for me as the best film of 2009.