Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Surprise Tea-Party Confrontation

By Richard L. Fricker
March 28, 2010

When I visited the Capitol grounds on March 21, the day the House of Representatives passed healthcare reform, I was aware that some protesters there had been directing violence, threats and insults against members of Congress, but I was surprised when I ended up on the receiving end of some abuse myself.

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Anonymous said...

Very savvy, sophisticated and wealthy/influential individuals and groups (e.g.: FreedomWorks, et al) are organizing Fear, Insecurity, Reaction, and Ignorance in this so called "Tea Party" movement purportedly 'grass-roots' and 'leaderless'. They have Fox News as a permanent and continual platform and amplification medium to maintain its momentum.

They are dangerous to civilization itself!

Jai Blevins said...

My only problem with this post, is that people who claim to be "journalists", betray their own biases when they use a term as vile as "teabagger" to describe the Tea Party.

Seriously, that is a more offensive term, than the N-word, or any other epithet that the Tea Party has been accused, but not proven, of using.