Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Pope Benedict Must Resign

By Daniel C. Maguire
March 28, 2010

Milwaukee has now replaced Boston and other competing centers as the epicenter of priest sexual crimes against children.

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Lucina, Bishop of Rome said...

Pope Benedict, a.k.a. Joseph Ratzinger, must resign! I agree! As author of the novel about the equal role of women in the Church, Our Lady of Mystery, I join the call for Benedict's resignation over the sex abuse scandal. Perhaps then the Church can return to the tradition of equality for all people, ordination of women, and married priests and move forward with social justice issues in the world. Lucina, Bishop of Rome

Anonymous said...

Jesus said, "Let the children come to me." He did not say, "Let pedophile priests abuse innocent children." Yes, Benedict must resign. These scandalous world-wide cover-ups among the patriarchial "old boy" network of the church must end. What would Jesus say?

Lucina, Bishop of Rome said...

Jesus would say that we need to take back the church from these fake so-called self-appointed leaders who promote abuse of children, women, and men. During the Great Western Schism (time of 3 popes of the Roman church) in the late 1300's and early 1400's, the doctrine of conciliarism developed. Brian Tierney (New Cath. Ency. 1967) defines this as a doctrine asserting that a general council constitutes the supreme authority in the church. On April 6, 1415 the Council of Constance issued Haec Sancta, decree confirming that a general council represents the Catholic Church militant, drawing its power immediately from Christ and that even popes are bound to obey it in matters which pertain to the faith and the general reform of said church in head and members. (Source: Roger Haight, Christian Community in History, Vol. I, p. 354.) The people have the power to call such a council to this day. The new church will return to the tradition of its founders, Jesus and Mary, in treating all people equally, ordaining women and men, allowing married priests. It will focus on love of one's neighbor and promotion of social justice worldwide. Lucina, Bishop of Rome

Leigh Vargo said...

How do we "take back the church"? Do we refuse to go to Mass until Benedict resigns? Do we discontinue our financial support of the church until Benedict resigns? I am heartbroken that this shameful behavior has been condoned by old men whose only concern has been to protect the church--not the victims. Who are the champions for taking back the church?

Randal Marlin said...

Horrible as pedophile priests have been, it is wrong to target Pope Benedict who while Cardinal initiated proceedings world wide to correct the problem.
True, he did not continue proceedings against Father Lawrence Murphy, who was very ill at the time and died within a few months. But fitness to stand trial is a prerequisite for state criminal justice proceedings. Why should it be different for the Church?

Rich said...

Concerning the last few paragraphs, the charge that the demand for priestly celibacy is connected to the pedophilia (A connection I entirely agree exists), I would word it that the demand for celibacy greatly reduces the pool of available applicants. There are only so many people willing to undergo such a separation from a normal human activity, so the Vatican feels "We've gotta make do with what we have. If we start rejecting people just because they're perverted pedophiles, who will continue to fill positions of leadership?"
Of course, this makes them utterly and absolutely immoral.